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Технологическое решение для измерения толщины литиевых батарей в мягкой упаковке -Литий-ионный аккумулятор

08 Ноя 2023

Soft lithium-ion battery thickness measurement technical method: It is recommended to use Dacheng precision 2D offline laser thickness gauge

Nowadays, there are three main categories of lithium-ion batteries: square, cylindrical, and soft-packed. Among them, square and cylindrical shells are mainly used for aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other hard shells. Soft-wrapped aluminum plastic films are used in the shells. This is their essential difference. As shown in Table 1, important advantageous features of soft-pack lithium-ion batteries include:(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

(1) Good safety performance: Soft-film batteries have less electrolyte leakage. When there is a safety hazard, soft-film batteries will burst, instead of hard-shell batteries that will burst due to internal pressure;

(2) Light weight: Soft-pack batteries are 40% lighter than square batteries of the same capacity and 20% lighter than aluminum-shell square batteries;

(3) Large battery capacity: Soft packaging can save 20% of the volume, which is 50% higher than steel shell batteries of the same size and 20-30% higher than aluminum shell batteries.

(4) Good cycle function: the cycle life of the soft-pack battery is longer, and the attenuation of 100 cycles is 4%~7% smaller than that of the aluminum case;

(5) The internal resistance is small, and the internal resistance of the soft-pack battery is small, the lithium-ion battery has a domestic minimum of less than 35m, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the battery;

(6) Sensitive design: It can be customized according to customer needs and can be made thin. Ordinary aluminum shells can only be 4mm, and soft packaging can only be 0.5mm.

Comparison of three battery functions:

Functionally, soft-pack batteries have more comprehensive advantages and have broad prospects for future use:

1) Soft-pack batteries are more suitable for portable, space-intensive or thickness-based applications, such as 3C consumer electronics;

2) Although prismatic batteries have high single capacity, they are large in size and weight, while soft-pack batteries have obvious advantages in energy density. In addition, single cells are currently developing in the direction of large capacity and high magnification, which will be more in line with the needs of mobile power supplies for new energy vehicles and other categories.

3) Although the production technology of cylindrical batteries is complex and has significant advantages in energy density, due to the small capacity of the single battery, more batteries are needed for the same battery pack capacity range. For example, the Tesla Model S battery pack has a capacity of 85 kWh. There are approximately more than 7000 18650 cylindrical batteries. The requirements for the battery management system (BMS) are very high, while the single battery capacity soft pack value is more than 10 18650 cylindrical batteries. The requirements for BMS are low. Considering that most of the countries and even the world The carrying capacity of BMS is limited, and large-capacity battery packs will not use too many cylindrical batteries. In addition, cylindrical batteries have high energy density, poor safety, and high internal pressure due to hard shells, so explosions often occur, while soft-pack batteries Has obvious advantages.

Mainstream electric vehicle companies in my country are now accelerating the use of soft pack batteries. Passenger car companies such as BAIC and SAIC have begun to try to use soft-pack batteries, and Wanxiang A123 and voneng technologies have occupied the mainstream of soft-pack batteries. At the same time, domestic three-dimensional soft package technology has made significant progress, and the energy density has been greatly improved. Under the trend of soft packaging, power lithium battery companies must seize the opportunity and increase soft packaging production.
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