Yixinfeng strives to solve the problem of new energy lith
Yixinfeng will develop with you on the road of new energy lithium
Bring all partners to visit Yixinfeng
Yixinfeng die cutting machine
300W picosecond laser die cutting machine
What is a small giant enterprise
Large ultra long blade battery laser chip slicer
Adhere to scientific and technological innovation and pursue excellence
Differences between winding and lamination in technology
300 type double station lamination machine
Thermal compounding and rolling machine
Equipment commissioning and shipment
Application of Yixinfeng product
J650D BJ Laser Die Cutting Machine
J500D AG High Speed Hardware Die Cutting Machine
J350D CE die cutting machine
720 high speed slicer
300 type double station lamination machine
Yixinfeng company display
Yixinfeng Lithium Ion Battery Equipment display 1
Yixinfeng Lithium Ion Battery Equipment display 2
Multi pole high speed laser filming machine
Auto electrode mould cutting machine
Laser die cutting and slitting machine (roll to roll)
High speed slitting machine
Knife die cutting machine (box collection)
Knife die cutting machine manipulator collecting film
High speed hardware die cutting machine (stacking process)
Flexible metal die cutting machine (pure fillet)
Yixinfeng Corporate Video

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